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Amqui Elementary School
First Place, Middle Division, Elementary Schools

Brenda Steele, Principal
319 Anderson Ln
Madison, TN 37115
Metro. Nashville Schools

Recipe For Success:

As I reflect on the successes we have made at Amqui Elementary School, the students, parents, and staff come first in my mind. Our school family has evolved into a team focused on improving the education of our boys and girls in the community. Our students come first in all decisions.  

High expectations for behavior and academics are instilled in our students each day. Our morning announcements are used as a vehicle to encourage our students to begin their day ready for excellence and success. Caught Being Good and Thumbs Up are programs developed by our counselor to encourage school-wide discipline and building climate.

As we organize and prepare our schedules each year, time on task has been a valuable component in ensuring and improving student achievement. Few interruptions occur in the daily schedule to ensure that we maximize the moment for quality learning to occur.

During their daily hour of planning and in-service days our teachers collaborate on best teaching strategies, assessment data and other tools to support student achievement.

As new staff is selected for positions throughout our building, a major prerequisite is ensuring that staff place children first in their decisions.  We want our staff to think out of the box, creating quality lessons using standards identified by our district.

There are many staff development opportunities provided by our district directed toward increasing student achievement. The teachers are able to gain more strategies and techniques to be utilized in their classes. Teachers are able to drive their instruction with the ultimate goal to ensure students are mastering district and state standards.

Our district reading initiative has been a major factor in our students' growth and achievement. Guided reading, literacy centers, leveled readers and essential literature have allowed students opportunities to achieve at their individual levels. Teachers are able to plan and develop activities that guide the student as they gain the skills they need in order to become successful readers. Data from student achievement is documented and shared for continued growth each six weeks.

We have also included a parent education component this school year. The program is designed to assist our families in working with their child at home. Parents attend workshops and receive necessary materials that target areas to improve the achievement of our students.

I realize that there are many additional factors that contribute to our student's growth. We continue to work to provide a learning climate where students enjoy learning and are encouraged daily.


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